Our service engineers deliver onsite and remote services throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Eliminate Hassle, Improve System Reliability, Reduce Annual Costs.

About CNS

CNS Partners is a managed service provider offering Information technology solutions, computers, and maintenance  to niche industries throughout North America.  As a  Managed Service Provider CNS teams with their clients to  provide a full range of technical services at a flat fee.  By providing these solutions to niche industries, CNS is able to speak knowledgably to clients about technical solutions designed specifically for their business.

CNS was formed by a unique group of technology professionals and investors with specific experience in niche industries. Our sole mission is to bring computer technology professionalism to marketplaces traditionally unfamiliar with today’s IT best practices. We are committed to improving performance, stability, and functionality while lowering your annual computer technology expenditures. We don’t just build and fix computers, we’ll solve our customer’s unique business challenges through computer technology.

We apply an IT Services model keeping your system running smoothly and saving you money long term. CNS Engineers offer decades of IT experience with an awareness of software packages and server solutions developed for your  industry.
At CNS we require each engineer to earn and maintain an industry recognized credential from a leading technology company such as Microsoft or Cisco. By hiring CNS as your Chief Information Officer/IT Support Staff, you’ll experience the benefit of accessing a team of engineers and resources, not just a single computer professional.  We continually develop strategic partnerships with leading technology companies such as Dell, HP, Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA.


Nationwide Network
Microsoft Certifed Partner
Multiple Locations
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, CNS is highly qualified to deliver solutions for your computer network and hardware needs.
CNS maintains branch locations near Boston,
Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles.