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About CNS

Strategic Planning: A Chief Information Officer specific to Packaging

IT Professionals uniquely dedicated to solving the packing industries business issues.
Understanding where technology is headed and how it can make your organization more efficient is absolutely critical in today’s competitive marketplace. CNS’ IT Engineers posses and offer a unique perspective indigenous to your industry. Strategic planning includes protecting your investment with complete backup plans, including the computers running your production equipment; reducing computing costs by applying the latest solutions requiring less administration and power, while increasing speed of your end users; and leveraging the latest industry applications to improve operations. CNS is uniquely positioned to work with you and develop a strategic IT plan for your packaging business.

Server Solutions: The right design, the right features, at the right price

There’s no arguing, today’s server components change quickly. With a certified best practices approach, CNS ensures your server will meet all the specification requirements to run your Microsoft and industry applications optimally. We save our customer’s money by designing servers with the specific features they need, and at a price that is affordable.
Manufacturing Visibility: Decrease overhead increase profitability
There are numerous technologies available to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes. CNS has implemented wireless networks for raw and finished goods inventory. We can wire your machine centers to your computer networks to improve authorized vendor access.. Perhaps most importantly, we help implement backup solutions so your computer systems on the plant floor are safe-guarded.

Security: Protect Company data from inside and outside theft

Many packaging plants view computer security as something only needed by the Pentagon. CNS Engineers are familiar with today’s best of breed virus protection suites which address concerns such as viruses, spyware, and malware. We
specialize in high levels of protection against theft of company data from both inside and outside your plant. CNS provides you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have sound IT security implemented. Our network security specialists know how to properly protect your company firewalls, anti-malware software, and properly implement backup solutions across your offices and plant floors.

Mobility: Information in real time

Carrying office information in the palm of your hand is powerful. CNS has rolled out mobility solutions to nearly every
one of our customers. From Blackberries to Palm Treo’s, we can streamline your office information and communication.
The CNS Mobility Solution is ideal for senior management and travelling sales executives. Having information on your
PDA, all the time, is more efficient than reaching out to staff for verbal relay.

Cabling: Meeting TIA and EIA Standards

CNS understands the importance of cabling. Voice and data are the foundation of every other part of your infrastructure.
Inadequate or improper cabling can lead to a myriad of problems such as lost transmissions, “blue screening”, and
incalculable hours of troubleshooting. CNS engineers design and install to TIA/EIA standards. Let CNS provide
voice and data cabling to your existing or new facility.

Managed Service: A Proactively Managed Environment

CNS provides a more cost-effective method of managing and protecting your networks, systems, and applications.
Our ability to proactively monitor critical system events on servers and desktops help us predict/prevent potential problems
before they happen. Our monitoring software immediately alerts us of a failure that can materially impact your plant
operation. Monitoring your environment 7 days week is key to insure the health of your IT infrastructure.

Financing: Hardware, Software, and Services

CNS offers customer financing to help you get the technology you need, when you need it. CNS provides financial
options for comprehensive solutions, including services, hardware, and software providers such as Advanced Software, Avista, Amtech, HRMS, Kiwiplan, and VantagePoint. By financing your business solutions and spreading the payments
over the life of your investment, we can help optimize your budget to meet your business needs and free up your
corporate credit lines for other investments. A smart solution that makes excellent business sense.
Nationwide Network
Microsoft Certifed Partner
Multiple Locations
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, CNS is highly qualified to deliver solutions for your computer network and hardware needs.
CNS maintains branch locations near Boston,
Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles.